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We stock story books that enliven the imagination of children, parents, carers and grandparents— with original tales and beautiful illustrations that capture the hearts and minds of all readers.

Original Fairytales by Shirley Barber


Visit to Fairyland

An enchanting fairytale about a brother and sister who slip through the little green door at the base of the willow tree and into Fairyland. This beautifully produced book features Shirley’s incredibly detailed and magical illustrations.


The Enchanted Woods

A charming fairytale about a child who is lucky enough to fly to Fairyland with the fairies and attend a fairy wedding. This is a beautifully produced and richly illustrated classic children’s picture book.


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Believe — A Fairy ABC book cover

Believe — A Fairy ABC


A is for apples, crunchy and sweet. B is for babies with the cutest feet!


There are lots of things fairies love, but do you know what they love most of all? Friendship!


This delightful ABC book explores the A-Z of the fairy world, with a special focus on the environment and kindness.


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