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Step through the secret wardrobe, into a world of magic and wonder — with mysterious passages, trap doors and hidden treasures.

fairyfields experience

What is behind the secret wardrobe?

As you enter the Fairyfields shop for your party, you will be invited to climb through the secret wardrobe…

fairyfields experience

One of the very first and most special places you and your friends will arrive at is the Enchanted Forest.

Here you will learn all about magic — how to cast spells, make potions and discover mystic tales.

fairyfields experience

Hidden beyond the forest, behind a secret door, is where the Wizard lives and sleeps.

Here he casts his spells and hides special treasures. What will you find?

fairyfields experience

Under the sea!

Jellyfish, sea shells, mermaids, sand castles, cake, fairy bread, magical fresh fruit wands and more.

This is your under the sea dining room, set for your special day.

fairyfields experience

Find the hidden entry to the slide that leads outside to The Secret Garden. Out in the garden you can hunt for special treasures and make your wish in the wishing well.  The special birthday child can visit the secret Fairy Wardrobe!